When is Pond Lily available to rent? Events may be held in the Barn and on the Grounds from May through October. Pond Lily House is rented year-round, based on availability.

What is the maximum number of guests for an event?
 The maximum number of guests for an event is 350. A seated event  inside the Barn may not exceed 226 guests. Please note that capacity may vary depending on your desired set up.

What is the capacity of the Pond Lily House? Pond Lily House can sleep 16 people in beds. The maximum number of guests that may stay at Pond Lily House is 18.  Please see the Pond Lily House page for more details on the House, including a breakdown of the number of bedrooms and beds.

What time must my event finish? Events must finish by 12:00 midnight  Sunday – Thursday, and 1:00 am Friday and Saturday.

Can we play music? Yes – music may be played inside the barn as late as 1:00 am Friday and Saturday.  Outdoor  music  may be played as late as 9:00 pm.

Will we need to hire portable restrooms? No.  Executive restroom trailers with flushing toilets, electricity, music, heating and air conditioning are included in the site rental fee.

Do you include items such as chairs and tables in your packages? Yes. Our new packages include chairs and tables..  We also have a selection of decor items that couples may use.

My vendor is not listed on your preferred vendors list. Can I still use them? Yes. We want your event to reflect your personal taste and understand that vendor selection is an important part of your vision. We require that any new  vendor be pre-approved by providing adequate proof of insurance and signing our Vendor Policies Acknowledgement. We will assist you in this process. Once a new vendor has been approved, they will be allowed to provide services for your event.

What is the average budget for Weddings at Pond Lily? Budgets are very subjective because every couple has a unique vision for their wedding and number of guests. The average budget for weddings held at Pond Lily is $55,000.  We have seen higher and slightly lower budgets but this is a good guideline for planning purposes at our venue.

I have a small wedding/event. Can I rent the Pond Lily House and use the Grounds for my ceremony/reception/celebration? Yes, however you would be required to pay a rental fee for the Grounds in addition to the House rental fee. All events must take place in the Barn or on the Grounds..

Do you hold more than one event per weekend? For our 2017 wedding season, we are committed to holding one event per weekend. We may offer two events per weekend in the future but for now we feel this is the best approach.

Is parking available? Event parking is available in the designated parking areas.  Our package includes 2 parking attendants to assist with guiding parking. As an enhancement to on-site parking, many couples choose to hire a shuttle bus service to deliver guests from a hotel or other centralized location. Should you choose to shuttle guests, our staff will assist with arrival and departures.

Do you offer any catering services? Not at this time. We do provide two large indoor catering staging areas in which caterers may cook and  prep. We work closely with several local caterers and can assist you in selecting a caterer that meets your budget and menu preferences.  A list of our select caterers is provided to couples who book with us.

Do you provide wedding planning or coordination services? Our 2017 package includes day-of wedding coordination. Full wedding planning, partial planning assistance, or help with special projects may be added. Couples wishing to use their own wedding planner may do so.

What happens if it rains? Outdoor weddings and events always run the risk of inclement weather but the key is to have a rain plan in place and to remind yourself that your event will be spectacular despite any weather change. Our package includes a full rain plan assessment and our coordinator will work with you to develop a plan specific to your vision and needs. If it does happen to rain on your big day, everything will be in place.

Have a question that was not answered? Please email us at info@pondlilyevents.com or contact us.